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Welcome to the new distributor training! Inside you'll learn to build your Herbalife business step-by step training from some of Herbalife's top leaders. Create a free account now and get instant access to the following trainings:
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  • Herbalife Product Training
  • 10-5-1R 3-Day Trial Training (How to Sell Your First 10 3-Day Trial Packs)
  • Option to upgrade to the full marketing system

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What Our Users are Saying
Rudy L.

I love the online system because it makes the business so simple and duplicatable. I believe having an online presence is important and Dustin’s system allows anyone from a part time mom to full time builder like myself to have access to the same tools and chance to succeed. My favorite aspect of the system is are the websites or pages that link to our back office. It is seamless and efficient. So much so that I have my organization easily adopt this platform. My business in 2016 (without system) versus 2017 (with system) saw 239% jump over the same period! Tks Dustin!

Rudy L., GET Team Member

Eve D.

So stoked for this new system and structure. It's already helping me organize how I help my coaches and get new ones started . Giving them a task . Following up . Then knowing they will know exactly how to start making money. It helps me know who to focus my time on. Thanks again.

Eve D., Mill Team Member

Jenn C.

Thank you, Dustin!
Loving the new site a bunch! It's so professional!!! I'm working the newsletters into my DMO too!!!

Jenn C., GET Team Member

Paul & Robin

This system makes our business so each easier to duplicate. We now have a system to teach people how to attract clients and get the best results possible with the products and business.

Paul & Robin J., Mill Team Member